Sheffield supertram at Cathedral stop - DSC07446

This is what 27-years of the trailblazing Stagecoach and Supertram partnership has looked like

  • 27-year Supertram and Stagecoach partnership to end March 2024 
  • Service will continue operation under South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) 

After a wonderful 27-yearlong partnership, the Supertram team in South Yorkshire will say goodbye to Stagecoach on March 21, 2024. The same friendly faces will make the transition with its passengers to continue the community first service which will be operated by SYMCA.  

Taking over operations in 1997, the Supertram team have supported commuters, locals and tourists to get where they need to go. Continually developing services to help older and disabled customers, alongside great wheelchair and scooter provision on the trams, Supertram conductors play a vital role interacting with customers.  

The service was the UK’s first pioneering Tram Train service to seamlessly integrate the Supertram light rail system in South Yorkshire and the Network Rail track through Rotherham Central station. Catching the eyes of those it passes, the tram has had a few different looks over the years.  

Sporting a livery to promote The Full Monty on Disney+, locals got to see the tram take on a new life while going about their day. Following this, the tram focused on “Bringing People Together” with their LGBTQIA+ Rainbow livery.  

Ensuring those in the community of South Yorkshire feel supported while on a Supertram service has always been pivotal. Supertram team members attended a course enabling them to deliver dementia familiarisation sessions to front line teams, helping to raise awareness and acquire appropriate tools when responding to vulnerable customers. 

And the team are no strangers to praise from the public. Supertram team member Jack Waymouth was praised by a passenger after helping someone in need.  

“My daughter and her three very young children were involved in a road traffic accident in the Manor area on January 21, 2023. It was a traumatic incident, and Jack, fortunately, happened to be passing. 
“He assisted, reassured, and helped to move the youngsters from the car. He then, once safe, sat them in his vehicle to watch Frozen! 

“He was an absolute godsend. My daughter could not have coped in the situation without him. He did not have to stop and assist, other drivers had just passed her by. We owe Jack a great deal and would like him to have some recognition. Supertram, he is a credit to your company.”  

Although Stagecoach are parting with the Supertram team, you’ll see the same friendly faces which South Yorkshire relies on when using the tram service. This means all the team will be moving over to join SYMCA and continue running the service in the area.  

Sam Greer, Stagecoach Chief Operating Officer said; “I’ve been with Stagecoach since we took over the operation at Supertram and what an incredible 27 years it has been. 

“It’s the people that make Supertram, and I am pleased that our teams are moving over to support SYMCA as they begin the next phase of their journey.  

“I remember my excitement was evident whilst touring the support facilities, meeting new faces and viewing the cutting edge systems. The forward-thinking and ambitious spirit amongst the team has only strengthened over the years and we look forward to witnessing its next chapter with SYMCA. 

“I’d like to thank the team, past and present for all their work in serving the community of South Yorkshire over the last 27 years and wish them all the very best in their next steps.” 

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